Varie Valves

The Leader in Pressure Reducing Valves

Young and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Biren Karani laid the founding stone in the year 1998. The company started its operations as importers of substitutes (Valves) under the brand name Vartsila. The company very soon branched out as manufacturer of Valves, under the brand name Varie Valves Pvt Ltd and within no time built a reputation in building and plumbing industries.

Varie today has two manufacturing units, one in Mumbai and other in Vasai. The Mumbai unit has full-fledged team of in-house engineers improving existing lines of product and innovating new ones. The facility boasts of strict quality control plan at every stage of manufacturing which helps in developing high quality, long lasting valves for domestic as well as international market.

Varie Valves approached us to change its image from just being one valve producer to having a range of different products. The brief was very simple, client should look at them with new perspective. We retained their old logo but with a new hand written script, so that it has the resemblance with the old. We worked on positioning the company emphasizing on their engineering capabilities to come up with new useful products. We gave them a new visual language and changed their digital presence through a newly designed website.

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